ES ASA offering season 1

#Day of WActivityLeaderGrade LevelFeesBlurbs
1MondayCookingThe Caterer's Chef1,22.700.000 VND/ 9 sessionsCooking with Chef from The Caterers Academy is a hands on cooking program which will teach the kids a variety of fine motor skills, increase their common sense, ability to follow instructions as well as using basic math through the use of scales and measuring cups/spoons. All in a FUN and EDIBLE way!!!
2MondayMemory ExerciseThao Tran1,2FREEMemory exercise is to sharpen children's memory by some activities such as test recall, do math, learn new language, mind map, play game...
3MondaySoccerVJSS1,21.080.000VND/9 sessionsCome and and join our fun and exciting Soccer sessions offered by VJSS (Japan Soccer Star Sport Center). Children will have lot of physical moves and be able to demonstrate their personality while cooperating with their team mates on fields. VJSS is active on the concept that allows children to use soccer to nurture, build self-confidence and develop teamwork in every class. In other words, it helps children grow in a healthy way through soccer. Our dynamic coaches are
4MondayBlock BuildingMegan Vandeventer1,2FREEWe will explore building with blocks. Each week will have a different building challenge along with plenty of free time to build and create.
5MondayInstrument MakingJennifer Vergara1,2FREEThis activity brings out creativity to improvise materials and make your own musical instrument. It is a great way to make music and have fun!
6MondayConstruction ChallengesCharlotte Cannell2,3FREECome and carry out individual and group construction challenges using blocks, lego, construction materials and loose parts.
7MondayJump RopeRegina Maniaci3,4FREEStudent will learn basics jumprope skills and use these newly learnt skills to move on to double dutch, the egg beater and team pattern jumping. They will learn how to cooperate as a team by making goals for patterned jumping.
8MondayVietnamese Folk SongsBinh Le2,3FREEIf you love singing, please come and entertain yourself with Vietnamese folk songs.
9MondayYogaThy Lê 2,3FREERelax, excercsise and meditation
10MondayMaking HairbowKhanh Bui3,4,5250.000VNDEnjoy making hairbows! "Make and take" class each week.
11MondayMinecraftLaura Heatwole4,5FREEBring your computers and build new worlds in Minecraft! No experience necessary. Beginners, intermediates and experts welcome!
12MondayVietnamese Traditional GamesHoa Dinh3,4,5FREECome and enjoy all kind of fun and exciting indoor Vietnamese Traditional Games like: Horse Race Chess, Cờ Gánh, Ô Ăn Quan. All levels are welcome to joint
13MondayFlower Tiger YogaCatherine Brown4,5FREEBecome as calm as a lake, as flexible as a snake, as strong as a tiger, and as relaxed as a turtle. Join us for Flowering Tiger Yoga
14MondayES Basketball teams (MON & WED)SSIS Coach4,5FREETHE PRACTICES WILL HAPPEN FROM 3:15-4:30 every Monday & Wednesday. To be part of the team you MUST attend both Monday and Wednesday practices.